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Museum Moezekottel

Close by our farm is the small historical museum and fully restored former emergency housing called 'de Moezekottel' which is run with passion and creativity by our neighbour Diana. You may visit this museum daily during their opening season and learn about the history of the former residents.

Visitors center Min 40 Celsius

For young and the young at heart, a visit to the -40 degree Celsius museum is worthwhile! Relive the ice age and learn about the geology of this region (Achterhoek, Liemers and border region between The Netherlands and Germany). You cannot miss the complete gigantic restored rhinoceros skeleton and wooly mammoth tusks!


DRU- cultural center and historical industry park

This former center of the ironworking industry lies in the beautiful 'coulissenlandschap' of the Achterhoek. The DRU center, located in Ulft, has a wide range of activities and information on offer. An industrial heritage site, it features a center for art and cultural history, including guided tours, theater and a film house.